A short guide to becoming an early metaverse adopter

5 September 2022

Because of a variety of interpretations and speeches about the relatively vague concept of metaverse, the idea itself might be a little… abstract. Yet, metaverse is an idea that goes through some kind of hype right now and while still being defined, it might achieve its final form as a new way of using and understanding the Internet.

What’s important is that metaverse in itself isn’t a technology that can or will be created. Metaverse is a concept of some sort of virtual reality that should be accessed through any device. Metaverse is expected to connect already existing segments of cyberspace into one alternative reality, that allows switching from games to social media and from social media to other forms of expressing oneself online.

The idea is to mimic real life by creating a completely new and innovative infrastructure to enhance the virtual experience to a completely new level. While all of that might sound a little too futuristic to one’s taste, that’s only because the concept is still being constructed. Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t begin to wonder – what YOU can sell in metaverse and what metaverse can change in running your business. 

Display your product 

That one is quite obvious. Since metaverse is expected to provide virtual conference rooms or virtual fairs, there is a big chance your product might be spotted if you put it on display for potential customers to watch. 

That one can be obtained by creating add-ons to some of the already existing programs, so you can show your product in the background. And we mean literal backgrounds – like those you use on Google Chat to hide how your real apartment looks like.

The same goes for virtual fairs and creating an actual stall with all the things you want to show and sell.


Holograms are REALLY cool but also potentially the most futuristic attributes of the metaverse. Yet – a man can dream and look at the equipment that is being developed as we speak with the sole purpose of giving us the holograms. 

3D models and prototypes

That should work quite well in some branches like the furniture industry for instance or anything that requires interior design or machinery production. Virtual prototypes save a lot of money, which makes sense since the actual product is not being physically produced before it’s fully tested in the virtual environment. Easy, cost-effective, and really impressive for your customers simultaneously.


Metaverse will be a big deal in the entertainment department, especially in games or social media. It’s expected to be a big deal to gen Ziers, who already could experience Ariana Grande’s concert in Fortnite reality in 2021 and it went fine enough to get attention from other popstars willing to achieve similar success. 


For the same reasons as above, gen Ziers might consider using metaverse as a way of enhancing their educational and training experience. We have already seen during the pandemic which online learning strategies worked and which have become obsolete even before they happened to be popular. The reason was, that tools like zoom weren’t designed with young viewers in mind, while metaverse is responding to their specific VR-related needs.

If you want to sell learning materials, courses or tutorials – metaverse might be a really good shot.

Customer experience

When it comes to business, the strongest will survive. There are multiple reasons why clients choose to be loyal to a company, but again – with the rise of gen Ziers, metaverse might catch their attention. 

Building customer experience is crucial for survival in the market, so it’s highly recommended to follow the trends which in this case means following the metaverse situation. That means virtual meeting spots, advertising and just being visible in general. 

Moreover, the metaverse can be just an opportunity to be creative, have fun and maybe become an early adopter in the process. And wouldn’t that be the perfect combination?

Author: Leszek Warzecha, Digital Marketing Specialist at ITSG Global 

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