28 November 2016

As an open source cross-platform runtime environment written in JavaScript, Node JS is a breakthrough choice for real-time applications. Running JavaScript outside the browser turned programming with Node JS into a top choice for IT businesses when they consider web application development.

Who is programming with Node JS and why they chose it?

Node JS has been enjoying internet & web development companies attention ever since its launch back in 2009. Developers at Dow Jones started playing around with Node as soon as they could, using it in production for the first time in 2011 with “Wall Street Journal Social”. Node soon became the de facto standard at Dow Jones.

Uber Runs on Node JS. According to Tom Croucher, the heart of the 15 billion dollar business is written as server-side Node, as API-s, as reliable distributed systems with queuing and replication and geospatial databases written in Node.”

Node also ensures high speed and high volume for GoDaddy. Node allows you to easily build applications with high confidence in build quality. Unit testing is easier. Integration testing is easier. REST is easier. Deployments are easier” says Stephen Comissio, senior (ex) .NET developer at GoDaddy.

Why should businesses take a closer look at Node JS application development?

  1. Programming with Node JS increases team productivity due to the NPM which has more than 230.000 modules that can be used instantly.
  2. Node JS application development allows costs reductions and budget optimisation. The high-scalability of Node allows companies to build apps with fewer investments in infrastructure, since they can handle the same amount of load with less hardware.
  3. Node.js speeds time-to-market. It has an exceptional running speed and it makes the running of the coding much faster, increasing any framework’s speed. The developers need only to write the program correctly and Node JS applications will adhere to the steps prescribed.

Node JS is growing quickly because it allows businesses to build large-scale, real-time, and scalable mobile and web applications with JavaScript alone. Any business can benefit from the speed and scalability provided by Node programming, but it may bring additional advantages especially for startups and SMBs.

If you want to start integrating Node JS into your programming environment, but have no previous experience, check our developer’s profiles. Customers have hired our Node JS developers to build fast, scalable web and mobile applications.

Photo source: https://nodejs.org/

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